Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meg Peacocke - words written in stone

Poet Meg Peacocke - whom I had the pleasure of meeting this week - has literally had her words written in stone. She was chosen to write twelve poems to be cut into stone for the Poetry Path at Kirkby Stephen in Cumbria. She told me that one of the most unusual aspects of the work was proof-reading the stones - which you do by reading the words backwards, letter by letter.

She was my tutor for a one year poetry course I did at the Open College of the Arts and I was delighted to meet her at her home in Barnard Castle in County Durham. She is in her early eighties and still writing - her next collection will be out later this year.

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eileen said...

There's something about finding words written in unusual places - walls footpaths etc that I find really appealing and then in that particular case there's the whole satisfactory experience of merging of two arts...
Eileen K