Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yesterday's Pinstripe Suit

Who'd once happily have driven
an oil and gas pipeline through
his own granny's front room; or 
plopped a twenty storey car park
on the last sliver of green this side 
of the Mad Cow Roundabout.

So begins Kevin Higgins' poem Yesterday's Pinstripe Suit in his latest collection Frightening new furniture, pubished by Salmon Poetry. Unlike most poets, Higgins deals with the recognisable events of today and he does so with humour as well as insight. Another example, from his poem The Financial Times:

This year for their birthday, everybody gets
the blame. We find our trousers
repossessed and down around
somebody else's ankles.

Poetry can be about today's headlines - I'll be advising participants in my Write One Poem worshop to read Higgins' "pinstripe suit" poem and you can read it here on the Salmon website (scroll down the link page).

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Dom said...

I also write poems and most of them were about life and
friendship poem .I think that your style is interesting and it puts a vivid picture on my mind whenever I read one.